Man arrested for 6th OWI after crashing into Lodi home

UPDATE (WKOW) -- A 47-year-old Lodi man is now in custody after police say he drove off the road and hit a ditch, power pole, two cars and a house while intoxicated.

Derek Hoffman was arrested for a number of charges, including 6th OWI.

Sheriff's officials say he initially fled the scene, but was later found uninjured.

LODI (WKOW) -- Police responded to a crash off County Highway K.

Columbia County Dispatchers say emergency crews responded to the home off County K between Dalton and Hillestad Roads.

Homeowner Tom Johnson told 27 News a car hit a telephone pole before flipping and crashing into two cars and a house.

Johnson said they were sitting inside when they heard the car crash, flip and hit the roof of the home.

"The next thing I knew after the crash is I saw the car go cartwheeling past the picture window, after it hit the house. So, then I dialed 911 right away, came outside after the call was done, saw him walk up the back, and keep going on down the road. Never stop, never look back, wasn't interested in us."

Johnson said the driver ran away, going through several backyards.

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