U.S. To Block Chinese Airlines From Flying Into The Country

Air China Airbus A330-300

The Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that it will ban Chinese airlines from operating in the United States starting on June 16. The decision was made after China refused to allow Delta Air Lines and United Airlines to resume flights on June 1.

“Currently, four Chinese carriers and no U.S. carriers operate scheduled passenger flights between the United States and China,” the DOT wrote. “U.S. carriers have asked to resume passenger service, beginning June 1. The Chinese government’s failure to approve their requests is a violation of our Air Transport Agreement.”

The Transportation Department said that they are working with the Chinese government to get the airlines cleared to fly routes between the two countries.

“The Department will continue to engage our Chinese counterparts, so both U.S. and Chinese carriers can fully exercise their bilateral rights. In the meantime, we will allow Chinese carriers to operate the same number of scheduled passenger flights as the Chinese government allows ours,” the statement said.

The DOT noted that President Donald Trump can order the ban to go into effect before June 16.

Photo: Getty Images

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