Protest-related arrests in Madison involve Wisconsinites

MADISON (WKOW) - Data released by the Madison Police Department shows almost everyone who was arrested or cited in Madison in connection to ongoing protests of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis Police custody is a Wisconsin resident.

One of the people listed as being cited for a curfew violation is UW Law student Maddison Stallman. Stallman says her only engagement with officers was to get help for someone with a concussion. "I didn't get a ticket and I wasn't arrested," Stallman tells 27 News, although citation notices often are mailed to violators. "The only time I talked to police was when I reported an incident."

The data shows 33 arrested or cited people were Wisconsin residents, with 5 people from outside the state, or their state of residence was not available. 28 individuals on the police blotter were from Dane County, 4 from Rock County and 1 from Marquette County.

The alleged offenses contained in the Madison Police information include burglary, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and curfew.

In a statement Tuesday, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi assigned law breaking issues connected to the protests to white individuals. "While peaceful protest is called for, the violence being committed by predominately white groups of people is not the answer," Parisi wrote. The Madison Police data of individuals arrested or cited to-date identify 20 of 38 listed as being white, with 13 being black.

Stallman regrets the law enforcement actions deflect from the purpose of the protesting.

"My goal in this whole thing is not to be in the center of discussion because as a white person growing up in a very privileged neighborhood, very privileged upbringing, I don't really think I should be at the center of the conversation," Stallman says. "The conversation needs to be about people that have spent their entire lives subjected to prejudice and police brutality."

News video and other video appear to show people not yet arrested or cited breaking business windows in the State Street corridor in connection with the protests. Police officials say they are reviewing video for potential, additional enforcement.

The data was released as police officials announced arrests in connection to activism in Madison dwindled to zero after two nights of protests without law breaking.

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