Madison school board president supports removing police from schools

Madison School Board President Gloria Reyes reversed her position on school resource officers in a letter sent Tuesday.

Reyes cited national "incidents of racial injustice" and the emotional impact having police in schools could have on students of color as reason for her change in thinking. "As a result, we owe it to them to pursue a viable alternative to SROs in our buildings," she wrote.

Reyes said the district would establish a board of education subcommittee to begin a "comprehensive review of" the district's security strategy. Students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders will comprise the group's members, Reyes said.

"The work of this sub-committee will be grounded in developing strategies of prevention and mitigation, and reimagining our partnership with MPD who will continue to play an important role in our response to incidents occurring in our schools," she wrote. "Subsequently, the board will be meeting to review the current MPD contract and how we will be working with them in the future."

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