Patrol officer hurt, nine crashes on interstate near DeForest

A Wisconsin State Patrol sergeant is in the hospital after being hit in one of nine crashes to occur on the interstate near DeForest.

Downpours Wednesday afternoon restricted viability on I-39/90/94 and led to a series of crashes. All occurred between the Highway 51 and County Highway V exits.

The sergeant was outside of his squad car responding to one of the collisions when two other vehicles spun out behind him. The patrolman tried to dive behind a railing. A vehicle still hit him and sent the man into a concrete median.

The sergeant survived and managed to drive himself to the hospital where he underwent x-rays. Another sergeant at the hospital told 27 News results from the scans had not yet returned.

The crashes hurt at least one other person, but patrol officers did not know the severity.

The first vehicles collided just before 3 p.m. The other eight crashes racked up over the succeeding hours. One was a hit-and-run.

The collisions and heavy downpour backed up traffic for several miles, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Patrol officers remain on the scene of multiple accidents along those few miles of interstate.

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