Cottage Grove woman charged after protests released on bond

Dane County Court commissioner released a Cottage Grove woman from jail Tuesday while she awaits further court proceedings for her alleged participation in looting and vandalism on Madison's State Street.

Commissioner Jason Hanson ordered Gabrielle Kokesh, 19, released on a signature bond Tuesday. Hanson further set conditions Kokesh not be allowed in the area of State Street and she not consume alcohol.

The state charged Kokesh with burglary and criminal damage to property.Authorities arrested her Friday.

Kokesh is accused of helping loot August, 414 State Street, on the night of May 30.

A crowd of people split off from nonviolent protests on the Capitol square late in the afternoon. Some vandalized and looted multiple stores in the area.

Cameras allegedly captured video of Kokesh kicking in a window at Power Nine Games, 341 State Street, according to a Madison Police Department incident report. A Dane County Court Probable Cause Statement links Kokesh's to news coverage of actions against August. "I observed Kokesh enter the store on WKOW news coverage," a Madison Police officer writes. "I observed Kokesh exit with a pair of shoes in her hand."

A criminal complaint states Kokesh had been drinking before going to State Street, but says she rules out the alcohol as being behind her steps. "She joined in because it was 'really emotional,' " the complaint says.

One store owner identified Kokesh as an "instigator" of the break ins and looting.

Jack Greenwood was involved in the protests, and then was knocked unconscious as he tried to stop looting at the store after Kokesh allegedly removed merchandise.

"The evidence is apparent on the block of the chaos that she caused with her actions," Greenwood says. "I don't think she's part of the movement at all."

The criminal complaint says twenty one people were captured on surveillance cameras inside the apparel store August after it had been broken into.

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