Search for person of interest in Jefferson County fire/death investigation

TOWN OF SUMNER (WKOW) -- Investigators maintained a presence around a rural Jefferson County home more than 24 hours after a burglary call developed into shootout, fire and death investigation.

It happened off ofCounty Rd. Ajust before 6 p.m. Tuesday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was called to go to the home in the town of Sumner June 16 for a possible burglary.

When the deputy arrived, he found two people lying on the driveway, later determined to be dead.

The deputy took fire from the residence and returned fire, according to a news release.

After the shootout just after 5:45 p.m., the deputy noticed black smoke coming from the residence -- which led to a massive fire at the home.

In the day since, officers have been searching the area and related properties forKevin P. Anderson.The 68-year-old Fort Atkinson man lives roughly two miles from the crime scene and according to neighbors has undeveloped property along County Rd. A.

Pete Draeger. who lives about a mile and a half away, said he'd seen police cars and armored SWAT vehicles driving through the area through the day and other neighbors reported seeing armed officers search through fields and wooded areas.

"During the night, my son was up a time or two and he saw squads going up and down the road with searchlights on looking through the fields," Draeger said.

Other neighbors reported police were searching vacant properties in the area and a 27 News crew saw officers appear to search a barn.

Officers also searched Kevin Anderson's Fort Atkinson home off of Perry St.

As the search continues, Draeger said he plans to keep his doors locked and any barns, vehicles and trailers secure.

Court documents show the property that burned down was owned by a 90-year-old man who died a week and a half before the fire. Anderson was a potential benefactor in his will.

The identities of the two killed remain unknown.

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