Forward statue, Col. Hans Christian Heg statue toppled by protesters

Protesters pulled down the Forward statue that normally stands outside the State Capitol and left it lying in the middle of the road.

Demonstrators had been marching around downtown Madison, frustrated after thearrest of a protesterearlier in the day.

The same group also tore down the Col. Hans Christian Heg statue a short time later. The group then went on to throw the statue into Lake Monona. Heg fought for the Union during the Civil War and was a stark opponent of slavery during that time.

Glass of the Tommy Thompson Center on W. Washington Avenue was also smashed out a short time later.

Shortly after that, 27's Lance Veeser and news photographer Rod Curry came across state Sen. Tim Carpenter, who said he had been assaulted for taking a photo of the protest. A few moments later Carpenter collapsed and our crew called 911 to get him an ambulance. We're waiting to hear how Carpenter is doing and confirm more information from police.

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