National Guard deployed to support Dane County law enforcement

Gov. Tony Evers authorized the Wisconsin National Guard to support local law enforcement in Dane County following civil unrest Tuesday night.

“The protests in Madison last night resulted in serious injury to bystanders as well as significant damage to state property,” said Evers. “The Wisconsin National Guard will serve in a limited authorization meant to make sure people can exercise their First Amendment rights while ensuring the safety of members of the public and state buildings and infrastructure.”

A press release from the governor's office sent Wednesday afternoon said elements from the Wisconsin National Guard's Quick Reaction Force mobilized to state active duty. Dane County authorities requested the help.

Demonstrations began Tuesday evening in response to Madison police arresting a protest organizer. The man had walked into a Capitol square restaurant carrying a baseball bat and bullhorn.

The protests turned violent after nightfall when vandal store down statues near the Capitol, threw a Molotov cocktail into the City County Building and assaulted a state senator.

Several officials, including Madison's mayor, the Dane County executive and sheriff, condemned the violence.

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