Man arrested in Madison hit-and-run, released on $350 bond

UPDATE (WKOW) -- The Madison Police Department says officers have arrested Brendan O'Neil in connection with Sunday morning's hit-and-run in Madison.

He was released overnight from the Dane County Jail on a $350 bond.

O'Neil was booked around 10 p.m. Thursday on a charge of hit-and-run causing injury.


MADISON (WKOW) -- Police say they have identified a person of interest connected to a pickup that hit and injured a woman when it drove through a crowd early Sunday morning.

Surveillance video released by the Madison Police Department shows views from two cameras positioned at the intersection of N. Frances Street and University Avenue.

The hit-and-run triggered outrage in the community, sending protesters into the streets Sunday calling for police to take action and bring justice to the victim.

The video excerpt begins immediately following the hit and run accident, according to police.

The crowd can be seen chasing the suspect vehicle as it leaves the scene.

The continuous video shows how much time elapsed between the hit and run collision and the police arrival on scene.

The video also shows that officers first attempted to locate the victim by wading into the crowd on the north side of the street.

Members of the crowd then carry the unresponsive victim to the south side of the street and officers immediately attempt to render aid to her and clear space for an incoming ambulance.

Also captured is the deployment of OC spray at a person who police say aggressed on another officer who was trying to make space around the victim.

This video shows the arrival of additional officers and their use of squad cars to make space in the crowd so that the ambulance can get into the scene to treat the victim.

Throughout the video, officers are tending to the victim. After the victim was transported from the scene, the video shows officers interviewing witnesses and attempting to interact and dialogue with the crowd.

Some in the community believe it was a hate crime against a black woman. In the state of Wisconsin, there is no stand-alone charge for hate crime, but it can be added on to another charge if warranted.

Acting Chief Vic Wahl tells 27 News investigators will be carefully looking at the details of this incident to determine whether to ask for that charge.

"The statute is very limited and sometimes things don't match when perhaps other people think they should," he said. "We will clearly be exploring that and if that's an appropriate enhancer at the time and place when there's a criminal charge, if there is one, we'll certainly pursue that or refer it to the district attorney's office for their consideration."

At this time, no one has been arrested and police have not said whether they'll be referring charges in connection with the hit and run.

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