Wanted Fort Atkinson man charged with homicides, arson

A Fort Atkinson man authorities are still searching for in connection to a shootout, house fire and two shooting deaths has been charged in Jefferson County court with killing his sister, brother-in-law and trying to kill a Sheriff's deputy.

Prosecutors Friday charged Kevin Anderson, 62, with two counts of first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide, arson and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

A criminal complaint says the deputy found the bodies of Anderson's sister, 57-year old Nedra Lemke, and her husband, 59-year old Jim Lemke June 16 at the Fort Atkinson home of Nedra Lemke and Anderson's late father. The complaint says the deputy also found Lemke and Anderson's developmentally disabled brother in a car on the property, unhurt but unable to speak.

The complaint says the deputy was fired upon by someone in the home's second floor and returned fire, with evidence of a total of a dozen gun shots being exchanged. Authorities say the home went up in flames after the gunfire exchange.

Deputies called for firefighters when they noticed smoke coming from the home. The building eventually burned to the ground.

Authorities announced the next day they were looking for Anderson as a person-of-interest in connection to the bodies, fire and shootout.

Anderson and Lemke's father died earlier this month. The complaint says Anderson felt betrayed when he learned after the father's death that Nedra Lemke was executor of the estate.

"Why would Dad do that when he came out and asked me?" the complaint says Anderson said to his wife before the killings.

The complaint says Anderson took guns from his father's home, changed locks, and that Nedra Lemke noticed someone had installed a trail camera near the home.

Despite Lemke's concerns about those actions, the complaint says Lemke left a voice mail on Anderson's phone the day of the fatal shootings, telling him she intended to mow the home's lawn and needed access to a mower in the shed.

The complaint states despite several searches, they have yet to locate Anderson. Authorities say Anderson's remains were not in the ruins of the fire. Authorities consider Anderson armed and dangerous, with an acquaintaince telling investigators Anderson's an expert marksman.

A funeral service for the victims takes place Saturday at Fort Atkinson's Faith Community Church.


Photo: WKOW

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