Beloit College reopening to students on campus in the fall

Beloit College has announced its fall semester reopening plan for students to return to campus in September. 

Under this new plan, students will begin the fall semester on campus on Tuesday, Sept. 1 with a hybrid of in-person and online courses. In-person instruction will end on Tuesday, Nov. 24 before Thanksgiving break.

The major change for the fall semester is the launch of the College’s new modular course schedule called Mods. Students will take two courses in each Mod over seven and a half weeks instead of four courses throughout the entire semester.See the detailed schedule here

Beloit President Scott Bierman said the plan accounts for the possibility of a second COVID-19 outbreak, with flexible class policies for students who may need to miss in-person courses due to illness or the need to quarantine.

The College also is implementing extensive safety and health protocols to help students, faculty, and staff safely navigate the on-campus experience. Central to the development of these protocols has been student participation and an understanding of the influence of individual choices on community well-being.

In an email to students, Bierman said, “Self-care is community care. Your willingness to live your life on campus via the guidelines we have established will do more than anything else to keep the number of infections as low as possible.”

Some of those recommendations include the following, with the entire plan to be found here.

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