Madison police chief rallies community leaders regarding gun violence

Acting Madison Police Chief Vic Wahl is decrying what he notes is a significant increase in gun violence over the past week in the city.

"Gun violence is unacceptable and should not be tolerated in our community,"Wahl said in a blog post. "I urge all stakeholders – community leaders, clergy, elected officials, nonprofit organizations – to speak out …denounce this rise in gun violence and work in partnership with Madison police to find meaningful and collaborative strategies that will lead to a more peaceful city."

While police are still compiling data and reviewing reports, a preliminary review for the last week shows:

  • 2 fatal shootings
  • 15 shots fired incidents
  • 8 residences struck by gunfire
  • 7 vehicles struck by gunfire
  • 148 shell casings recovered

Seven of the eight residences struck by gunfire were occupied – by both adults and children – at the time of the shooting, Wahl said.

Evidence indicates both handguns and rifles were used in these incidents. Some involved subjects in moving vehicles shooting at each other on public streets.

Wahl said it is fortunate more people – unintended targets, who were just living their lives – were not injured or killed.

Last year, Madison police responded to 144 shots fired incidents all year.

Every month but one in 2019 saw 15 or fewer shots fired incidents, and Madison police recovered 473 shell casings in all of 2019.

Wahl says this past holiday weekend reflects a significant increase in gun violence.

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