Columbus Common Council votes to remove Columbus statue

COLUMBUS (WKOW) -- Columbus Common Council passed a motion on Tuesday to remove a statue of the city's namesake, Christopher Columbus, from its current location.

In a vote of 4-1, the council passed a motion to remove the statue and put it into storage until a new home for the statue is found.

The council considered other options, including putting the future of the statue to a referendum, but ultimately the council voted and passed the motion brought forward during the meeting Tuesday night.

The decision follows weeksof debatewithin the community. Dueling petitions, one in favor of removing the statue and one opposed, garnered hundreds of signatures.

The monument is on the side of Highway 16/60 near U.S. Highway 151 at the western edge of city limits. 

The statue has been in its current location for several decades. Now it will go into storage until it's decided what's next for the statue.

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