Online registration system speeds up Alliant Energy testing site

With cases on the rise, the community testing site at the Alliant Energy Center has been packed with people looking to get tested.

If you were looking to get a test you likely dealt with wait times of 3 or 4 hours, until now.

"I just checked before this call and wait times at the Alliant Energy Center are well under an hour," Major General Paul Knapp, with the Wisconsin National Guard said.

Maj. Gen. Knapp says that's thanks to them opening more lanes, but more importantly, the new pre-registration system, Wisconsin Connect, being tested there.

"We're confident that it will help cut down the wait times at the testing sites, in addition to providing emailed testing results," he said.

The Wisconsin Connect system allows people to fill out all of the pre-screening information that they would before have been asked by a National Guard member.

Knapp said that process would take about 5 minutes and with thousands of cars, that would add up fast.

"It's really quick, it can take as short as 30 seconds which really cuts down drasticly on the time it takes us to process each car," Maj. Gen. Knapp said.

Officials say the system has allowed them to test people 40 percent faster than before.

It even allows for better communication of results, by forcing people to fill in all of their contact information themselves, without interacting with the officials at the site, before they would be allowed to get tested.

"All of the fields are required, so we want to make sure we can follow up," Stephanie Smiley, with DHS, said.

The program will be implemented at community testing sites across the state as based on the volume of tests being requested.

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