Gov. Evers expects schools to reopen in the fall

Gov. Tony Evers said at a Tuesday press conference that he would not order schools closed ahead of their opening in the fall.

"I anticipate schools will open by early September," Evers said in response to a question about whether he would order schools closed.

The question came at a media briefing on Wisconsin's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The governor said much of the onus ensuring kids could return to school fell on the public. "If people really want those schools to be open, we all need to pay attention to it, and pay attention to our own health," Evers said. "And then I think it will be much easier for them to open safely."

Evers said those wishing schools to reopen should follow health agency guidelines like wearing masks designed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released guidelines at the end of June that districts can follow to decide whether and how to reopen.

Evers brought up Milwaukee schools, which plan to begin the year with virtual education and then transition to a more traditional in-person approach.

"I'm still optimistic that they can open and there is lots of options," Evers said.

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