State Sen. Chris Larson launches mask mandate petition

- On Monday, Senator Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) began circulating a petition for a statewide mask mandate. According to a press release shared by his office, the petition has garnered over 8,000 signatures from communities across the state.

He released the following statement regarding the petition:

“The tremendous support we have received for a statewide mask mandate has been overwhelming. What some might think is the absolute least we can do is also the simplest, most effective way for us to control the spread of COVID-19 and give us a fighting chance to open schools safely this academic year.

“As an American, I value our freedoms tremendously. With our freedom also comes responsibility. We are free to make our own health decisions, but we are not free to make health decisions that will negatively impact others. Given the tremendously contagious nature of this virus, and the science-based knowledge that wearing a mask helps prevent its spread, we can ensure the public is safer and that they aren’t stuck having others make their health choices for them.

“Until a safe, effective vaccine is available, which likely won’t be until sometime next year, masks are our best bet. Your mask protects you, my mask protects me. With over 30 states having already issued mask orders, red and blue alike, this is not a partisan issue. It’s time for Wisconsin leaders to follow the science, too.”

Contact: Sen. Chris Larson 608.266.7505

To read more go to WKOW:

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