Challenges filed against Kanye West nomination papers

MADISON (WKOW) -- At least two challenges have been filed against Kanye West's nomination papers in the rapper's bid to get on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin.

A complaint filed prior to today's deadline says West's nomination papers should be voided on three counts.

The complaint filed with the Wisconsin Elections commission says West failed to include his actual address of residence, the papers were submitted late and the circulators address was not included on some pages, as required by state statute.

A second complaint lists additional reasons signatures should be voided.

In addition to alleging the papers were filed past deadline, the complaint says:

  • Circulators misrepresented the nature of the nomination papers
  • Signers provided false addresses
  • Some people signed multiple times or used fake names, including "Kanye West," "Bernie Sanders" and "Mickey Mouse."

The complaint asks the commission to deem the nomination papers "legally insufficient."

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said signatures were submitted on behalf of West on Tuesday, which was the last day for independent presidential candidates to submit the required 2,000 signatures of Wisconsin voters to get on the ballot.

West and running mate Michelle Tidball listed themselves as candidates of the BDY, The Birthday Party.

The Wisconsin Election Commission has until Aug. 26 to certify the nomination papers.


A challenge filed against Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins Friday says that more than 2,000 of the signatures that appear on the nomination papers had an incorrect address for his running mate, Angela Walker.

According to the complaint, "further analysis demonstrates there are other deficiencies requiring additional signatures be stricken."

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