Storms wrap trampoline around roof in Lafayette County

LAFAYETTE COUNTY (WKOW) -- It was something Lee Bennett and Sue Stanton had to see for themselves.

"I said, 'What is that?' And she's like, 'The trampoline is on top of your shed,'" Bennett said.

Storms blowing through Monday knocked their fence down and sent Stanton's daughter's trampoline airborne.

"I mean, it's clear up on the roof of the shed," Bennett said. "Not halfway. It's all on it."

Bennett and Stanton weren't home when it happened, but Jennifer Hicks was in her house with her kids watching it all unfold.

"We just hid in the bathroom and waited for it all to be over," she said.

Hicks had just bought the trampoline earlier this summer, on sale as a way to get the kids outside.

"They're already asking for another one," she said.

Throughout the neighborhood, limbs were torn from trees, and other things in peoples' yards were tossed around.

Across the field, the roof of a silo appeared to be torn right off.

"We heard booms," Hicks said. "Branches were falling on the house and our vehicles. It was insane."

Hicks has lived there for about two years, but Bennett has lived there for seven. They've both seen storms, but nothing as strong as Monday's.

"We've had winds here," Bennett said. "But not this bad. Not to where they've taken that and put it right straight up on my shed."

No one was hurt.

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