Common Council to decide on hearing after complaint filed against Alder

Madison's Common Council will decide whether to have a hearing regarding a complaint filed against an alder over alleged use of profanity during a meeting earlier this month.

The profanity was heard during a Common Council meeting that went into the early morning hours of Sept. 2, right after Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores was introduced to give public comment. The person who said the word was not on camera at the time.

Kilfoy-Flores filed a formal complaint with the City of Madison on Sept. 15, alleging Alder Paul Skidmore was the person who uttered the profanity directed at her.

The complaint asks the mayor and common council to censure Skidmore and remove him from his position on the council.

Skidmore has denied being the person who used the profanity.

City Attorney Michael Haas says the next step in the process is for the common council to take the matter up at its meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6, where alders would consider a resolution to schedule a hearing about Skidmore's removal. The hearing would be Oct. 22 and continue Oct. 27 if necessary.

For Skidmore to be removed from office, it would take 15 affirmative votes from council members.

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