Off-duty Mauston officers involved in a fight, one facing possible charges

SPARTA (WKOW) -- Two off-duty Mauston Police Officers, were involved in a bar fight and one faces two charges.

On August 8th, 2020 just before 11:30 P.M. off-duty officers, McKenna Huffman and Brian Raabe, got into a bar fight at Randall's Uptown Far with another patron, Brent Fitzgerald. Shortly after that, another fight broke out between other bar patrons.

Fitzgerald received injuries due to the fight.

The Sparta Police Department was asked to conduct the investigation because of a conflict in interest.

After the investigation, Sparta police gave several names to the Monroe County District Attorney's Office for possible charges.

Derek Medearis and Kyle Woodward, both 22-year-olds from Mauston could face a disorderly conduct charge.

20-year-old Blake Fenwick of Mauston faces potential charges of disorderly conduct and substantial battery.

Officer Raabe, 40, faces possible charges of disorderly conduct and battery.

Officer Huffman is not facing any charges.

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