Madison man charged with attempted arson of City-County building

Authorities have charged a Madison man with attempted arson for throwing a lit roll of paper towels into the City-County Building the night of June 24.

Marquon Clark, 26, was charged in federal court after being held in the Dane County Jail since June 30 on a probation hold. Last month, Clark appeared in court for allegedly helping pull down statues on the Capitol Square.

The news came in a press release Monday from U.S. Attorney Scott Blader's office.

Protesters have decried the arrest of Clark—who goes by Sire—and others as an attempt by authorities to target activists demonstrating against police brutality.

The attempted arson was caught on camera in a dramatic photograph. A person, whose back is to the camera, holds a burning object cocked back as if in preparation of it being thrown. The face of the person cannot be seen in the picture.

Authorities claim over 250 people were inside in the City-County Building at the time, including 182 people being held in the county jail.

The fire, authorities claim, led to $105,000 in damages.

"Throwing burning objects into an occupied government building is not protest, it is a crime that places lives at risk," Blader said. "Those who engage in such conduct without regard for the potentially deadly consequences will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Clark could a mandatory minimum penalty of five years and a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if convicted, according to the release.

The same night, vandals toppled two statues on the Capitol Square,ForwardandHans Christian Heg. Clark was charged in Augustwith criminal damage to property for allegedly helping pull down the statues.

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