Shots fired at dad angry over reckless driving

A father and his three small children escaped injury Sunday afternoon when someone in a passing vehicle fired shots at their SUV.

The father, 28, told police a black Toyota sedan with heavily tinted windows was also on S. Stoughton Road, heading the same direction. The vehicle was driving recklessly, weaving in and out of traffic lanes and onto the shoulder of the road.

The father said when he stuck his arm out of his window to show his displeasure with the careless driving, the front passenger window of the Toyota rolled down.

Then, he says he saw the arm of someone holding a small handgun pop out with a couple of shots fired in the father's direction.

The father stopped and called 911.

A short time later, police say a stolen Toyota Avalon was found abandoned in a one-way lane near the Dutch Mill Park & Ride on Collins Court.

Police think it may have contained the driver and shooter. The victim's SUV was not hit by any bullets and no one was injured.

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