Increased COVID testing planned for all students on campus for spring

On Wednesday, UW-Madison announced that COVID testing will be expanded for spring semester. Read the full release from the university below.

Beginning with the start of the spring semester, UW-Madison will expand its systematic testing program to ensure that all students who live on campus, attend classes or utilize campus spaces will be tested twice each week. Regular testing will be required for employees working on campus as well.

This represents a significant expansion over the current program, where weekly testing occurs for students living in residence halls and for workers in Housing and food service. Other students and staff are tested only if they choose to make an appointment at a campus testing site, or if they participate in surveillance testing.

"I am pleased that we will be able to expand our testing in January," says Chancellor Rebecca Blank. "This will help us identify any students or staff who are ill much more quickly."

As the university demonstrated this fall, quick detection of cases through testing, combined with isolation and quarantine efforts, rigorous contact tracing, and adherence to public health measures such as mask wearing, physical distancing and regular hand washing, is critical to keeping transmission rates of the virus low.

The university expects to share more information as soon as details are finalized.

To read more go to WKOW:

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