AstraZeneca clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine resume at UW

AstraZeneca announced Friday they are resuming COVID-19 vaccine trials in the United States, including trials at UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

The news comes from UW Health after the FDA and an independent safety review board completed reviews of an illness contracted by one of the trial participants in the United Kingdom.

The trials have been on hold since Sept. 6.

In September, when UW Heath announced these AstraZeneca clinical trials, almost 10,000 people reach out to them to participate, the most they have ever received, according to a news release.

The hold provided time for the company to examine the data after an unexplained illness in one of the participants in the trial running in the United Kingdom.

Holds on clinical trials are commonplace, according to Betsy Nugent, chief clinical research officer at UW School of Medicine and Public Health. She said "they do not often have a global spotlight on them like this," and that they "are excited to continue this important work and are grateful for the support of the community.”

UW Health plans to contact study participants to provide the latest information and to set up appointments to continue the trial.

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