Final push for early voting in Madison

MADISON (WKOW) -- People lined up outside the Pinney library Friday, one of the last days to vote early in-person in Madison.

"A little bit of a wait in the cold weather, but aside from that just as smooth as other years," Heather Mitchell, an early voter there, said.

That library location was one of the most popular early voting places in Madison.

Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl says in all, as of Thursday, more than 21 thousand people had voted in person since the start of early voting.

"Those numbers seem to be pretty good especially when you consider that so many people have voted absentee through the mail," Witzel Behl said.

She says that early voters have been coming out in droves.

At the Sequoya library, even though it's not one of the top voting locations, people still had to line up until the end of the block to drop off their vote.

At least in Madison, you have until Sunday.

"But Saturday and then Sunday, there is no voter registration so you have to be pre-registered at your current address to vote absentee on those days," Witzel-Behl said.

Because so many people have already voted early, and because they have twice the amount of poll workers they typically have, she expects to have almost all of Madison's votes cast by the end of election night.

"If you are hitting refresh on the County Clerk's website waiting for those results to come in, it shouldn't feel any different than any other election," Witzel-Behl said.

In most municipalities, Friday was the last day to vote in person absentee.

In Madison, half of the early voting locations closed as well, and on Sunday the only early voting location will be the city county building.

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