How pivot counties, turnout factored in to projected Biden win in Wisconsin

MADISON (WKOW) -- President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by a narrow margin of 22,748 votes. Four years later, Joe Biden flipped the script and took the state with 20,535 more votes than the president.

Turnout was up for both candidates this election when you compare results with 2016, but ultimately the added votes went in favor of Biden.

Statewide, more than 71 percent of people of voting age turned out in this election.

One of the most significant surges in Democratic votes was in Dane County, where 80 percent of people of voting age cast ballots. Biden got more than 260,000 votes in the county, which is about 43,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton won in Dane County. Biden won Dane County by more than 181,000 votes.

Even more turned out to vote in Milwaukee County, with 83 percent of voting age residents casting ballots. Joe Biden got about 317,000 votes there, almost 30,000 more than Clinton did in 2016.

In Rock County, 70 percent of voters turned out for the presidential election. Joe Biden got more than 46,000 votes there, up about 7,000 over Clinton in 2016 and boosting his margin over the president by a couple thousand votes.

Turnout also helped the president in some areas, though not enough to give him the win statewide.

In Kenosha County, Trump won with nearly 3,000 more votes than Joe Biden, for a total of almost 45,000. That's nearly 9,000 votes more than he won in 2016, when he took the county by only 238 votes.

94 percent turned out to vote in Washington County and they came out big for the president with about 60,000 votes. That's roughly 9,000 more votes than he got four years ago.

In 2016, President Trump won 23 counties in Wisconsin that had previously voted strongly for Democrats.

The majority of pivot counties actually grew their support for President Trump, including Juneau and Lafayette counties in our area.

But those surges were not enough as he lost his strong leads in counties across the state, including the key pivot counties.

Sauk County flipped back blue, with 614 more people voting for Biden than Trump. In 2016, Trump won with 109 more votes than Hillary Clinton.

Winnebago still supported the president, but he was up by about 2,500 fewer votes than in 2016.

Trump's lead fell in other key counties for Republicans, like Brown. He lost his lead by about 3,000 votes over the lead he had in 2016.

Those series of smaller losses added up across Wisconsin, securing Joe Biden the win, though President Trump has said he will ask for a recall.

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