Madison police investigate attempted homicide on city’s west side

UPDATE (WKOW) -- Police are investigating a shootout in the parking lot of a bowling alley in Madison, after finding 75 shell casings there.

It happened at Schwoegler's Park Towne Lanes on Grand Canyon Drive on the west side.

Police say one man was found there with life-threatening injuries, another showed up at a hospital.

No one has been arrested, and police are calling the incident an attempted homicide.

It was quiet Sunday morning at Schwoegler's, a far cry from the scene Saturday night.

"When I got here, you couldn't drive in the parking lot it was definitely protected by police," General Manager Marcia Bloxham said.

She was called in shortly after the shooting happened, just after 10:30.

She says her staff tell her it was a happy atmosphere moments before, a group of people having a celebration of life and enjoying the bowling alley.

"Everyone was getting along happy, dancing, having a good time, and then a few people started to leave and it just happened so fast," Bloxham said. "A few people left there were gun shots and the police were called."

She says two people were firing shots at each other outside, but she says there were still people inside bowling and in the bar area.

Police say they found 75 bullet casings.

"I did hear from a few customers what it sounded like and it was definitely a semiautomatic rifle," Bloxham said. It's amazing that only two people were hurt."

She says that much of the shooting happened on the south side of the parking lot far from the main entrance of the building.

She says that despite being a little rattled Saturday night when the shooting happened most of her employees are doing well Sunday.

"It's something you can't really prepare for. We do have security on Fridays and Saturday nights so maybe that's why it didn't escalate inside, because they are totally on top of everything."

The building was not damaged, but the Bloxham says one car in the parking lot had been shot at least five times.

Police say they have not identified any suspects right now, and they're asking for information from the public.

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