Expert: Wisconsin recount likely would not change election outcome

MADISON (WKOW) -- As Wisconsin works to finishing canvassing the votes of the presidential election, officials are also preparing for a possible recount.

Based on unofficial results,Joe Biden won Wisconsinby about 20,000 votes - a margin of .6% of the total votes in the state.

Counties need to finish canvassing by November 17.After that, President Trump would have 24 hours to request and pay for recount, whichhe has promised to do.

If a recount is approved by the state, then it must be done within 13 days.

While speaking to the bipartisan National Task Force on Election Crises, UW-Madison Political Science Professor Barry Burden predicted a recount would result in little change.

"The shift in the margin between Clinton and Trump four years ago was only 131 votes after that full statewide recount," Burden said. "I would expect this year for there to also be a very small shift in the vote as the result of a recount."

Burden is referring to the 2016 presidential recount in Wisconsin, which was requested by then Green Party Candidate Jill Stein.

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