Milwaukee County completes recount; Biden increases lead

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Milwaukee County completed its recount of the presidential election and certified the results Friday evening.

The final total count was 459,723 votes. President-elect Joe Biden garnered 317,527 to President Donald Trump's 134,482. The remainder went to third parties and write-ins.

You can see the previous unofficial results on theMilwaukee County Clerk's office.

Biden increased his margin of victory over Trump in the county by 149 votes. Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,600 in the first count.

The Milwaukee County Board of Canvassers approved the final count around 5:30 p.m.

The new tally was 577 votes smaller than the previous total, but both Biden and Trump gained more votes.

Dane County, the only other county recounting its ballots, expects to wrap up its work on Sunday. By Friday afternoon, Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said they had gone through 80 percent of votes.

The state of Wisconsin certifies its result on Tuesday.

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