After certified recount, Joe Biden maintains lead in Dane County

UPDATE (WKOW) -- After 9 days of arduous work, the Dane County recount solidified the results of the presidential election.

Clerk Scott McDonell feels like their time could have been better spent.

"I said this from day one, that these numbers were not going to change much at all," he said. "What's frustrating is, I know that they know that."

At the end of the day, the recount ended up throwing out 91 votes for Biden and 46 votes for Trump, still keeping Biden in the lead.

McDonell says they found zero evidence of voter fraud, but felt like the Trump Campaign may have just been looking for evidence for impending legal action.

"It seemed tee'd up for a lawsuit, but just seems to me like a complicated way to get a lawsuit," he said.

President Trump hasstated on Twitterthat he fully intends to file a lawsuit this week.

According to Barry Burden, director of the Elections Research Center at UW-Madison, it probably won't affect the election.

"It's possible that the Trump Campaign itself could now put together a suit very quickly based on things that it saw in the course of the recount," he said. "Though I think those things are unlikely to change the result at this point."

There are already two state Supreme Court lawsuits pending.

One is asking justices to throw out all election results - arguing the use of ballot boxes is illegal and if ballots hadn't been separated, all need to be thrown out.

Another case claims thousands voted illegally by voting absentee.

Both want the Republican led Legislature to pick the electors.

But Burden says the recount further proves there was no fraud in the election, especially in Wisconsin.

"No election is perfect but this one came off pretty well, and I think the recount ought to increase the confidence people have in the outcome," he said.

Now, the Wisconsin Elections Commission is ready to certify the statewide results. The commission chair will start the state canvass Monday and the results will be certified Tuesday.

The electoral college is set to vote in just over two weeks. State law says the winner of the popular vote gets all 10 of Wisconsin's electors.

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