Trump sues to stop Wisconsin election certification

MADISON (WKOW) -- President Donald Trump and his campaign filed a lawsuit asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to rescind certification of Wisconsin's election results.

The suit claimsthat absentee ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties should be invalidated if they were not requested with a written application. Voters statewide were able to request absentee ballots online.

It further claims that people who claimed "Indefinite Confinement" requested an absentee ballot after March 25, 2020 could have subverted Wisconsin's election laws. The designation, intended for those who struggle to leave their residence, allows voters to request an absentee ballot without presenting a valid voter ID.

The suit also asks the court to consider if the city of Madison's Democracy in the Park events were illegal. Democracy in the Park, held Sept. 26 and Oct. 3, allowed Madison voters to drop off absentee ballots at one of 206 parks staffed by election workers.

The lawsuit does not allege voter fraud.

The suit is against Gov. Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Evers certified the state's election results on Monday. The WEC was scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. Tuesday canvass results for the other offices on the ballot in the Fall General Election.

Trump's campaign paid WEC $3 million to cover the costs of recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties. The recounts only marginally changed the results in President-elect Joe Biden's favor.

Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,600 votes.

Trump said that the recount was designed to find ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties that should not have been counted. Biden won the two traditionally Democratic strongholds by wide margins.

The Trump campaign has faced a handful of defeats in other states filing lawsuits seeking to invalidate election results.

There are already two pending lawsuitsfiled in the state by groups seeking to challenge the election results. Both are asking the State Supreme Court to toss out the results and allow the lawmakers in the Republican led-legislature to cast the state’s elector votes, instead of the Electoral College. 

Last week, the Wisconsin Voters Alliance filed a lawsuit alleging there were thousands of ‘illegal’ votes cast because clerks filled in addresses for witnesses on absentee ballots.

This is a developing story.

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