Trump files another federal lawsuit against Wisconsin over election loss

MADISON (WKOW/ABC) -- President Donald Trump's campaign added another lawsuit over his Wisconsin election loss late Wednesday in federal court.

According toABC News, the new case disagrees with the broad availability of mail-in voting for the state's residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

The president and his team asked the courts to respond within 48 hours to the case.

"Today's federal lawsuit in Wisconsin reveals an apparently coordinated effort to push a new form of balloting upon Wisconsin voters," said Jenna Ellis, one of the president's attorneys, adding that "the rules of the election were changed at the last minute and guardrails against fraud were simultaneously lowered."
Quote Provided by ABC News

Attorneys for President Trump have yet to demonstrate that any fraud occurred.

An earlier filing claims that absentee ballots in Dane and Milwaukee counties should be invalidated if they were not requested with a written application. Voters statewide were able to request absentee ballots online.

Attorneys for Gov. Tony Evers are calling President Trump’s attempt to overturn the state’s election results an“assault on democracy.”

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