Wisconsin's high court bypasses another challenge to election results

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to the state's election results brought by a conservative group.

The high court issued its ruling Friday evening.

The lawsuit, filed by the group Wisconsin Voters Alliance against the Wisconsin Elections Commission,asked the Supreme Court to prevent the W.E.C. from certifying the electionso that the Republican-controlled state Legislature could pick the representatives to the Electoral College.

The lawsuit also asked the court to require Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, to certify those electors.

In his concurring opinion, Justice Brian Hagedorn called the resolution proposed in the lawsuit a "real stunner."

The case could still make its way back to the state Supreme Court. However, it will have to start at the district court level and then wind its way through the appeals process.

Earlier this week the court declined to hear a similar challenge brought by President Donald Trump and his campaign.

The Electoral College meets on Dec. 14.

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