Wife Arrested After Driving Away & Crashing During Husbands OWI Arrest

policewoman holding arrested young woman while her partner talking on portable radio

Photo: Getty Images

A woman has been arrested after driving off while her husband was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, on Sunday (January 9), a Wauzeka couple was pulled over and the husband was being arrested for an OWI.

While authorities were arresting the husband, his wife got behind the wheel and drove the car away. She crashed it and was then arrested for an OWI herself, the Grant County Sheriff's Office reported.

In a statement, Sheriff Nate Dreckman said Boscobel police told the Grant County Sheriff's Office that a vehicle had crashed into a utility pole around 1:30 a.m. on Wisconsin Avenue in Boscobel.

The officer told the sheriff's office that he was processing an OWI when he believed that the passenger of the vehicle he had pulled over was the one who drove and crashed the car into the pole, Dreckman stated. He also noted that the passenger was supposed to be waiting for a sober driver to pick her up.

When the Sheriff's Office arrived, they determined that 40-year-old Sara Stowell was the driver of the 2015 Ford Edge that drove the car over a curb and into a utility pole.

Along with her husband, Stowell was also arrested for an OWI, Dreckman noted.

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