Group Of Students Stop Kidnapping Attempt At Bus Stop

Young boy waits to load school bus

Photo: Getty Images

A group of students thwarted a kidnapping attempt while they were waiting for their school bus to pick them up on Monday (March 20) morning. The Montogomery County Department of Police said that a man, later identified as 30-year-old Jamaal Germany, "allegedly grabbed the child and pulled them toward an apartment building."

Several of the waiting students rushed to help, and the child was able to break free. A few minutes later, the bus arrived, and the students safely got on board and told the driver what had happened.

School officials contacted the police, who identified Germany as the suspect and took him into custody less than an hour later.

A neighbor told WRC that it wasn't the first time a student was nearly kidnapped at the bus stop.

"Apparently, he was at the bus stop last week doing the same thing," the parent said.

Parents were concerned when they heard about the kidnapping attempt.

"How're they supposed to grow up here if they know they gotta look over their shoulder every five seconds?" neighbor Adrian Manis asked.

Authorities said there would be an increased police presence at the bus stop and that the school would offer counseling for any students who were traumatized by what happened.

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