Stolen Camera Continued To Broadcast From Alleged Burglar's Home

Housebreaking Concept. Intruder sneaking into house at night, holding crowbar, top view from above camera, high angle. criminal breaks the camera in the house. robber noticed a security camera.

Photo: Getty Images

A pair of burglars were caught on camera breaking into a home that was under construction last week. The two thieves took their time ransacking the house, stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools before leaving.

They also grabbed the security camera, which was, unbeknownst to them, still transmitting. The two then took the camera back to their home and put it on a table, where it continued to broadcast everything they were doing.

"Somebody picked up the camera and said what is this? And then they bagged it, not knowing that it's still active," Realtor Erica Winship of Premier Point Realty told WISN. "They took around $8,000 in tools. They also took a camera which was hidden, which they did not know would operate pretty much anywhere, so it's operating on their dining table right now. We can see everything."

The two thieves discussed their crime and were seen doing drugs.

"On camera, these burglars have been talking about stealing the tools, where to sell the tools, talking about drugs and even doing drugs," Winship told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

"It's like an episode of world's dumbest criminals," she added.

The camera continued to transmit for eight days until it was destroyed.

The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating the theft but has not made any arrests or publically identified any potential suspects.

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