The Truth About the Jacob Blake Shooting That the Media Won't Tell You

As the Kenosha County District Attorney's Office makes its decision on whether to charge the officer involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake, it's instructive to review the facts of the case that the rest of the media has been ignoring for four months now.

When he was shot, Blake was armed with a curved-blade knife and attempting to steal his girlfriend's van, which had the couple's children inside. Officers were originally called to the girlfriend's home because Blake, who had allegedly sexually assaulted the woman just a few months earlier, had violated a no-contact order and was at the home menacing her.

Blake ignored repeated verbal commands from the officers and began wrestling with them when they attempted to arrest him for criminal trespass and violating the no-contact order. The officers had to use a Taser on Blake twice, but this was ineffective. At that point, Blake pulled out his knife and began walking menacingly toward the car. Knowing that Blake was armed and that he was a domestic abuse suspect from the prior incident involving the girlfriend, the officers had a reasonable belief that Blake intended to kidnap his children and potentially harm them.

Officer Rusten Sheskey then followed Blake around the front of the van with his gun drawn. When Blake lunged into the car with the knife in his hand, Sheskey fired.

"The Dan O'Donnell Show" broke down the shooting second-by-second and filled in the blanks that the rest of the media has failed to report. Click on the player below to listen and click here to follow "The Dan O'Donnell Show" on iHeartRadio!