Biden's Back Door Effort to Implement Universal Basic Income

In a new op-ed in The Hill, Kevin Nicholson makes a compelling case that President Biden's $300-per-week unemployment enhancer is in fact a back door way to implement universal basic income. As he writes:

[Senator Bernie] Sanders and [White House Press Secretary Jen] Psaki lay bare the fact that they view COVID-19 as an opportunity to artificially boost certain private-sector wages that do not meet their arbitrary targets ($15-plus hourly minimum wages), while also introducing long-term government checks (UBI) as an alternative if their demands are not met.
Yet, while market-driven wage increases are a positive indicator of the increased value of labor, government-induced wage increases can have catastrophic effects on employees and businesses alike.

Nicholson joined "The Dan O'Donnell Show" Thursday to discuss this theory. Click on the player below to listen!