The Science Appears to be Settled: COVID Came from a Lab

The genomic makeup of the SARS-CoV-2 virus proves that it was almost impossible for COVID-19 to have originated in the wild. In a new op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, scientists Steven Quay and Richard Muller point out that:

[I]n the entire class of coronaviruses that includes CoV-2, the CGG-CGG [protein] combination has never been found naturally. That means the common method of viruses picking up new skills, called recombination, cannot operate here. A virus simply cannot pick up a sequence from another virus if that sequence isn’t present in any other virus.
Although the double CGG is suppressed naturally, the opposite is true in laboratory work. The insertion sequence of choice is the double CGG. That’s because it is readily available and convenient, and scientists have a great deal of experience inserting it. An additional advantage of the double CGG sequence compared with the other 35 possible choices: It creates a useful beacon that permits the scientists to track the insertion in the laboratory.
Now the damning fact. It was this exact sequence that appears in CoV-2.

Dan O'Donnell discussed the blockbuster scientific evidence that essentially puts to rest the debate over where COVID-19 originated during Monday's show. Click on the player below to listen and click here to subscribe to "The Dan O'Donnell Show" on iHeartRadio.