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An Open Letter to the Brewers Regarding 'Body Positivity Night'

Since the Brewers are hosting a drag show for Pride Night, Dan O'Donnell is offering to put on "Body Positivity Night" at the ballpark featuring female adult entertainers performing the exact same routines wearing the exact same outfits as the drag queens. This would be totally appropriate, right?

The full text of the letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,

It has come to my attention that the Milwaukee Brewers will be hosting a drag show in honor of Pride Night at American Family Field tomorrow night. I personally think this is a wonderful idea, as it promotes the idea that all people should be comfortable with who they are.

Toward that end, I am humbly suggesting that the Brewers host a “Body Positivity Night” at the ballpark in which cis women can perform identical routines wearing identical outfits to those that will be on display tomorrow night.

I have retained the services of four exotic dancers from Milwaukee-area adult entertainment centers who will be able to perform at this event. All have agreed that they will not reveal any body parts that would be inappropriate for a family-friendly event, and in fact all have agreed to do the exact same dance moves and wear the exact same costumes as those performed and worn by tomorrow night’s drag performers.

The attached video shows drag performer Dora Diamond performing a very light striptease, so it is possible that the women on Body Positivity Night will perform similar routines, but they have offered assurances that their performances will be every bit as tasteful as those that will be on display tomorrow night.

Since tomorrow night’s performance will be in the beer garden at the Restaurant to be Named Later—perhaps the single most visible area outside the ballpark to families entering from the east parking lots—I would request that the adult entertainers perform in the exact same location for Body Positivity Night.

I assume that the Brewers will not have an issue accommodating this request, as there is nothing sexual in nature or inappropriate about tomorrow night’s drag show. If, however, the Brewers will not allow female adult entertainers to perform an identical show wearing identical clothing in the identical location, could you please explain in detail why this would be deemed inappropriate but a drag show is acceptable? After all, people are people and this is an expression of pride and self-affirmation and not a hypersexualized burlesque performance.

My adult entertainers and I are ready to perform any time the Brewers give us the go-ahead, and I will use my radio show and social media accounts to extensively promote Body Positivity Night which, if you would like, can also include a dance class for children taught by one of our Body Positivity Queens.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether the Brewers would find such an evening appropriate as the queens and I can’t wait to get started planning it.


Dan O’Donnell

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