Madison Taco Festival canceled over organizer concerns

MADISON (WKOW) -- After questions were raised about thelegitimacy of the organizersof an upcoming Madison Taco Festival, Breese Stevens Field decided to cancel the upcoming Madison Taco Festival Friday.

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According to a news release from Breese Stevens, the decision was based on previous customer experiences with organizer AZ Festivals providing lackluster service in previous events across the country.

"The customer experience is the most important part of any event at Breese. Breese could not guarantee this outside operator would put on a quality event and therefore has made the decision to not move forward with the event," Breese Stevens said in the release.

Reports from previous events hosted by AZ Festivals paint a picture of inadequate preparation, with hour-long waits for food and a severe lack of vendors. The North Dakota Attorney General's office even had to step in to mediate complaints over two festivals to ensure unsatisfied attendees were refunded.

Breese Stevens will refund all tickets purchased for the festivals, and if you bought a ticket you can expect to see the refund hit your bank account within the next seven days.

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