Madison remains quiet following Rittenhouse verdict

MADISON (WKOW) -- Downtown Madison saw several protests in August 2020 after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake. However, it was a different scene following the conclusion of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. 

There were no large-scale protests and the Capitol Square area remained calm. 

However, there was at least one community event aimed at helping people process the verdict. 

Freedom, Inc. hosted a "Speak Out" at Penn Park Friday evening. Organizers said they wanted to create a space for members of the Black and Asian communities to talk about their feelings following the jury acquitting Rittenhouse on all counts. 

Group members also talked about steps they want to take in the future to bring about reform. 

Event organizer Crystal Ellis said a major goal is establishing community control over local policing efforts. 

"It’s directly shifting that power away from a system that has proven again and again that it does nothing but brutalize us," she said. "It does not keep us safe, it does not protect us, it does not even value our life. So, it’s moving power away from that system and into our hands because we know what keeps us safe, and we know what we need to live our joyful Black lives."

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