Armed robbery suspect shot when police tried to take him into custody

UPDATE (WKOW) — Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes provided an update into a 'critical incident' on the city's north side.

According to Barnes, officers from the North District and a SWAT team were trying to arrest an armed robbery suspect. During the confrontation, Chief Barnes says the suspect jumped from a second story balcony and the chase continued on the ground. 

Barnes said the suspect shot at least once and officers returned fire, injuring the suspect. Barnes said the suspect was hit several times. The current condition of the suspect is unknown, but Barnes said he was conscious when he was transported to the hospital. 

"I know (he was) able to walk to the ambulance," says eyewitness Tiffany Coughlin of the wounded suspect. "That made me feel better."

Coughlin says she was in quarantine in her home in connection to COVID-19 when the gun shots rang out.

"It sounded like a grand finale of fireworks going off, there were so many," Coughlin says. "I started getting nervous...there are kids that live over there," she says.

"It's just fortunate that no innocent person was hurt during the incident," Barnes says. "Our officers worked really, really well together to bring this incident to a swift conclusion."

The investigation will be turned over to the Department of Criminal Investigation and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. 

Barnes said the suspect injured was wanted in connection to a series of robberies over the past week.

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