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Gun owners group backs arming teachers in Wisconsin

MADISON (WKOW) -- A Wisconsin gun owners group says trained teachers should be allowed to have guns in the classroom.

The state's top legislative republican says he's open to the idea.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says any way to better protect schools should be on the table.

The executive director of the gun owners group says he thinks that's part of the solution.

"Having them on school property to defend the children, I think is better than not having them. Because if you call police it's going to take at least a few minutes for them to get there," Thomas Leager.

Governor Tony Evers says that's a measure he'd never accept.

"I think that arming teachers is something, first of all, I was a teacher, it's a big enough job besides being a security guard too," said Evers.

Past proposals on arming teachers haven't gone anywhere in the legislature.

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