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Roof blown off of Madison apartment building, smashing cars below

MADISON (WKOW) -- Residents of Truax Park Apartments are still coming to terms with what happened after severe storms ripped off the roof of their apartment building, crushing cars hundreds of yards away. 

Lilly Johnson and her sister-in-law were sitting in their vehicle when the destruction began, narrowly escaping death. 

"I was sitting in a vehicle, and it had got really, really dark out and the debris from the building in front of me, was flying through the air," Johnson said. "And it ended up flying like over my car, the vehicle I was in."

The debris ended up smashing the three cars in front of them and the two cars behind them, but the car they were in was untouched. Luckily Johnson was sitting in her sister-in-law's car, because her car parked right in front of them was completely totaled. 

"It's crazy to see the roof you know, off these buildings and stuff," Johnson said. "It's crazy seeing all the cars that got hit."

Anastasia V. is another resident at the apartments who lives in the building with its roof blown off. She's currently without a home. 

"We were thinking of moving out, but this is unprecedented," she said. "The shock hasn't come through yet."

Anastasia says she doesn't know how long she'll be without a home but luckily walked away unhurt.

"We just were just told like get our stuff for like a few days of clothing and necessities and we need and to try to find a place to stay," she said. "We're probably going to stay with relatives."

She and Johnson are still processing what happened to their home. 

In Johnson's 35 years in Madison, she says she's never seen something like this. Given how close she was to the destruction, she's hoping to never see something like it again.

"I feel there was an angel or somebody looking over me, watching over me," Johnson said. "So yes, I was blessed."

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