GOP Lawmaker Calls For Audit Of Shadowy Wisconsin Bond Agency


State Rep. Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) voted against his party's budget Wednesday for one reason: he couldn't support a measure that greatly expands the power of the Public Finance Authority - a shadowy, Wisconsin-based agency that he believes has done little to benefit Wisconsin.

Allen tells MacIver News Service that not only is he opposed to giving more authority to the Public Finance Authority, he will issue a memorandum to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Joint Legislative Audit Committee seeking an audit of the PFA.

"I am voting against the budget, an otherwise good budget, because good government is more important than a good budget," Allen said in an interview Wednesday with MacIver News Service. "This should not be in the budget in my estimation."

As MacIver News first reported this week, the PFA is involved in some questionable investments around the country.

Allen's biggest concern, however, is that the Finance Authority, a political subdivision of Wisconsin, has done so little for the Badger State. Just 1.9 percent of the total bond debt issued by the PFA has been for Wisconsin projects, Allen said.

"I had representatives of the PFA in my office this morning and I asked them what is the public purpose of the PFA, and with a little hemming and hawing I got, 'Well, economic development.' Okay, great, let's examine the record."

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Matt Kittle

Matt Kittle

Matt Kittle is a fill-in host for WIBA and WISN who is an investigative journalist for the MacIver Insititute Read more


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