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The Democratic Governor's Association Owes Tim Michels, And Me An Apology

The Democratic Governor's Association owes Tim Michels, and me an apology.

Recently, a quote from Tim Michels on my show was used by this dishonest group of political goons to suggest Tim Michels wouldn't help domestic violence victims. That is a bald-faced lie. Here is the ad

Now, listen to the ACTUAL exchange between me and Tim Michels on July 18, 2022:

It is clear to anyone honest that we were talking about RED FLAG LAWS. Red Flag Laws necessarily and totally eliminate Due Process protections. In fact, the laws eliminate the very concept of Due Process.

Tim Michels is AGAINST Red Flag Laws. He vowed to reject any attempt by either the legislature or federal government to strip WI gun owners of their due process rights. This has exactly NOTHING to do with domestic violence offenders. 

If the DGA is so worried about domestic violence and crime victims, perhaps they should craft an ad targeting GOV. EVERS. Evers has overseen a massive release of felony offenders in WI's prisons. He has pursued every leftwing initiative reducing the effectiveness of law enforcement in our state. His LT. Gov (The Lesser) Mandela Barnes is on record for supporting defunding the police. Both blamed the police for the BLM/Antifa riots in Kenosha after officers JUSTIFIABLY shot Jacob Blake (a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OFFENDER who resisted arrest, fought with officers and had a knife deployed).  Gov Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes (running against Ron Johnson) are both enthusiastically IN FAVOR of eviscerating our Due Process.  Neither are in favor of doing ANYTHING that would actually help victims of crime and violence, domestic or otherwise (like making sure career thugs like Jacob Blake are in jail, away from any would-be victims).  

Or maybe they could turn their attention to the Milwaukee Co DA's office where DA John Chisholm has a policy resulting in a refusal to charge 60% of all felony cases.   

It was Chisholm whose ADA argued for low bail for Darrell Brooks, the man who mowed down parade goers in Waukesha last Christmas, allowing him to commit his vicious act of race-hatred. Chisholm has a long history of going soft on violent offenders if those offenders check an "identity politics" box.  Gov. Evers was asked to fire John Chisholm after the parade massacre. Evers refused.

Tim Michels isn't why WI and its large population centers are overrun with career criminals committing appalling acts of violence. Policy supported or enacted by Tony Evers and his ilk like Mandela Barnes and John Chisholm is why.  

Tim Michels has pledged to bring common sense back to police funding, to back police policy, and to sign tough-on-crime legislation. If anything, Tim Michels is the SOLUTION. Learn more about Tim Michels at

Here is Tim Michels responding to these vile lies on my show:

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