Madison woman found outside of the U.S.

 The mother of a Madison woman says her daughter has been located outside the United States.

30-year old Alicia Knapp had been missing since Saturday on Madison's west side.  She was considered a vulnerable adult.In a Facebook post, Knapp's mother Jan Richer says it's confirmed Knapp is out of the country. Richer says Knapp's location is not being shared to avoid putting Knapp at any further risk.Richer says family members are reaching out to a U.S. Embassy to ensure Knapp's safety.


MADISON (WKOW) - Family members of a missing Madison woman are desperate for word on her, as her mother tries to coordinate search efforts from afar.

Madison Police officials say they are looking for 30-year old Alicia Knapp, who is considered a vulnerable adult. She was last seen Saturday on the city's west side.

Knapp's mother, Jan Richer of Sedona, Arizona, says Knapp's formative years were spent in Stoughton.  She says while her daughter enjoys traveling, family members are concerned Knapp failed to inform anyone of any travel plans.

Knapp says it's frustrating being in Arizona due to an impending surgery.

"It's hard on me because I can't, not physically able, to be there to actually do the footwork,"  Richer says.  "So I'm doing everything from behind the scenes, and that's hard."

Richer says her daughter travels to Minnesota.  She also says her daughter is often at Madison grocery stores HyVee and Woodman's, and at Madison Starbucks locations.

Family, friends and others concerned about Alicia Knapp's disappearance have flooded Facebook with information on her.  Anyone with information is asked to call Madison Police Department at (608) 255-2345.

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