Area schools considering make-up options

(WKOW) — After a long stretch of snow and cold, students in area school districts will have extra days to make up.


Students in the Sun Prairie School District have missed six days due to snow and cold, and school officials are working on plans to make up those days.

The district has three snow days built into the schedule already, leaving three more to be accounted for, according to school officials.

They will add one day to the end of the school year, and the remaining two will likely be made up through a combination of added hours or using days such as staff professional development days.

Final details are currently under consideration, according to school officials, and a final decision will be made in about a week and a half.


The Oregon School District has had six weather-related days off from school so far.

The district has built in June 10-12 as extra days, and class will be in session on those days, according to an email to parents from Superintendent Dr. Brian Busler.

Additionally, Busler said the district plans to make up school time that will likely include June 13 and 14.

A district leadership team is meeting to consider several options for making up the remaining time and create a contingency plan for any future cancellations.

Officials hope to have a final plan by March.


The Madison Metropolitan School district held an extra day of classes Feb. 8, which had been a scheduled as a staff inservice day.

The district says they are currently exploring all options to cover the missed instructional minutes.

“While some options may seem more obvious than others, they also may have implications that are not always immediately visible,”according to a district statement.

“We want to identify and fully understand the implications of all options in order to make the best possible decision for our entire community.”

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